Jamestown’s Fourth of July

The sounds of kazoos humming out “The Star Spangled Banner” could be heard amidst cheers and honks this Fourth of July on the streets of Jamestown during their annual parade down Main Street. It seemed as though the entire town and more came out to partake in the festivities and celebrate Independence Day.

“This year they’ve really packed in the activities,” said local Chad Zygoat, who DJ-ed during the fireworks display. “It’s probably the busiest I’ve ever seen.”

The day began with a pancake breakfast and folk music by “Poor Free Mountain” in the park across from Town Square, and was moved via the parade down to Elysian Park. More live jams ensued as “Swamp Cooler” took to the stage, which sparked the whole park to life. What followed was a series of competitions among both the children and adults. For the younger ones there were games to be played in the grassy field, and for the elders it was all about making the best pies, cakes, and barbeque.

This was all accompanied by more live music, which kept playing all day.

The proceeds went to support the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services, whose task it was to organize the day’s main event: the fireworks.

“We got around 120 mortars and six or seven boxes for the finale,” said Jamestown’s Fire Chief, Rob Koehler.

Among those who came to see the parade and enjoy the day’s events were a group of a dozen bikers who came up from Boulder.

“We’ve made it into a sort of annual event to bike up here” said Mark Mortell, who’s been making the trek for the past four years. Lefthand Canyon, which leads to Jamestown, is a very popular place for road biking, so it’s no surprise that many of the visitors were bikers.